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Zdjęcie szkoły z 1902 roku

The name of the first teacher in Łochowo, who was noted down in chronicles, is Sohn. In those days, there was no school building. The teacher  had been teaching since 1847 in temporarily adapted, private rooms. Local residents formed a committee and started to collect funds for the design and construction of school.
The building of the school was finished. It was just one-class school. After some time the number of rural residents increased  and there was a need for three-class school.  The school was extended. Heinrich Beier joined the teacher  Sohn and stayed in Łochowo up to 1920. Both of them were really good educators, respected and wellliked people in the country. Their activity was not limited to school but they were involved in many other problems connected with their country and the residents. The school was also used  for religious needs  up to the reconstruction of the church.
The extended school employed the next teacher (Sonnenberg) but in 1920 he moved to Magdeburg.
After the gradual extension of the building, the  four-class school came into being. Another teacher (Korner) was employed but unfortunately he died in the First World War. He was replaced with Franz Laufer who was dismissed  because of causing some problems. In his place Miss Ehmke was taken on.
This year, the native inhabitant of Łochowo – Otto Krauze passed  Teacher Exams. He replaced the sick  teacher – Sonnenberg. Otto Krauze was employed temporarily only and the same year he got permanent allocation to Szutzinger near Mogilno.                                                                                                                     

Teacher Heinrich Beier is a figure mentioned with great respect  not only in the records of the Prussian about Łochowo but also by its inhabitants. His activity, which he used in almost every field connected with the development of the country and the current problems of its residents, was highly appreciated. He was not only the teacher but also an organist in the local church.  He cooperated with parish priest – Knappe. He was co-organiser of savings and loan association and he functioned as an accountant. Heinrich Beier worked up to 1920, that is up to the moment of takover of Bydgoszcz and neighbouring areas by the Poles. Then he moved to Piła on German territories.  

1924      The establishment of Polish School in Łochowo

The interwar  period 1920 – 1939
Teacher Herbert Kaschik was the leading teacher in Łochowo from 1929 to 1937. He really regretted the moment when in 1937 he was summoned to the position of vice-chancellor of private school in Gniezno. During the war he was school counselor in Inowrocław. Sometimes there were problems with the Lutheran Mass, when none of the priest could come, and then Herbert Kaschic or Guderian (the oldest municipal councillor) were reading religious texts.

Occupation of Poland (1939–1945)
1941- A German teacher (Bork), who taught in Łochowo, is mentioned. He attended to taking photographs too.  

The post-war period
In 1945 after the end of occupation, Kazimierz Paszkiewicz took up the function of headmaster.
Successive headmasters:

Ignacy Kaczmarek 1952-1967,
Mieczysław Walczyna 1967-1973
Edward Sobieszczyk 1973-1974
Władysława Zarębska 1974-1978,
Albin Popa 1978-1983,
Władysław Jonatowski 1983-1992,
Andrzej Jeliński 1992-2008.
Since 1 March 2008 Mirosław Donarski has been taking up the function of headmaster of school in Łochowo.
In 1964 the new school building was erected  but it’s first serious development took place in  1989-1993.
In the 20th anniversary of pontificate of Pope, teaching Staff and the whole students community decided to give the school the name of  John Paul II. May 18, with the participation of the Metropolitan of Gniezno, Archbishop Henryk Muszynski and many eminent representatives of state and local authorities, the school in Łochowo received the name of John Paul II.
That day, the school flag was consecrated and the room of traditions opened. In August 1999 a delegation of students, parents,  teachers, parish priest and the headmaster went to Vatican for an audience of  the Holy Father.  A miniature replica of school flag was given as a religious offering.
In November 1999, the construction of the gym started and it was returned to use in September 2001. In the developed part of school  the common room, canteen, the back of the kitchen, nurse office,

In 2000 a workplace computer room  with access to the Internet came into being.

In 2004/2005 the second computer room was opend. This year the school was fenced in. In May 2005 the gym became richer in baskets and electronic scoreboard.

In September 2006 the construction of new  school building, so called segment A, began. Formulated project presuppesed three segments. 18 May 2007 local authorities handed over the keys to the building, in which secondary school pupils have begun education.

18 May 2009 the school celebrated  the 10th jubilee of giving the school name of John Paul II. 2008/2009 was announced  as ‘Rok Tatrzańki’ and students were learning  about highland culture and folklore. The punch line of this event was a four-day visit of the band ‘Zbójnicek’. The outcome of jubilee events is , among other things, creation of John Paul II nook and a  photographic exhibition  presenting  the school’s worldly goods with historical elements. A hundred-page album entitled ’10-lecie Zespołu Szkół im. Jana Pawła II w Łochowie’ was published. The school aired also 100 commemorative, certificated medals casted in bronze.

9 October 2009 the opening ceremony of a sport complex took place. Thanks to this investment the school community and local residents  have a multipurpose playing field at their disposal.   

22 March 2010 the second stage of the development of school, which is construction of segments B and C, started.

15 April 2010 school community honoured the memory of police inspector  Franciszek Graczkowski who was shot down  in 1940 in Twer by NKVD.
In  70th  anniversary of Katyń massacre on woodland in Bydgoszcz, more precisely in Łochowo forest administration region, within the framework of all-Poland programme ‘Katyń … ocalic od zapomnienia’,  Commemorative Oak was planted and plaque was unveil.

18 May 2010 in 90th anniversary of Karol Wojtyla’s birthday and in the 11th anniversary of giving the school name, the cornerstone was set in foundations of the primary school building. That day, the scout team ‘Szare wilki’ received a redecorated room, in the oldest part of school building, to use.
12 March Scout team ‘Szare wilki’ was given a name of colonel Antoni Grygiel.

In September 2011 the construction of the new school building was finished.  On 1 September, students of primary school have begun education in the new building. The school boiler room was extended and a new car park was opened.