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School today

The School today :

The school motto includes the words of John Paul II:
” Concern for the child is the first and basic test of the man-to-man relationship.”

The John Paul II School Complex in Łochowo consists of Pre – Primary School, Primary School and Junior High School. The School Administrative Area includes Łochowo, Łochowice, Lisi Ogon and a  part of Drzewce. There are 28 departments in the school . In the 2011/2012 school year, the third kindergarten ”C” department was established for the first time.

Currently the school is attended by 684 students, for two of whom the school provides  rehabilitative and educational activities.

The school facilities are diversified since they comprise several buildings built in the subsequent years according to the growing needs related to the development of housing construction in the School Administrative Area. The oldest building dates back to the end of the nineteenth century while the youngest was opened for use in 2011.

The school's advantage is a modern and well-equipped with teaching aids PrimarySchool building /2011/, gym opened in 2001 and two tennis courts – the only ones in  the whole administrative area. School sports facilities are completed by the Orlik ”2012” football field open for use in 2009 and by a 180 square feet tartan track with a long jump pit.
The school features subject classrooms: two computer labs, a chemistry lab and a biological lab. Moreover, there is a school library equipped with an electronic book lending system , two school lounges: one for primary school students and the other one for junior high school students. The school building accomodates a wireless network and junior high school's e–register which will soon be used by teachers, parents and primary school students. Students occupy 24 regular classrooms and 5 additional classrooms  designed for extracurricular activities organized in smaller groups, including a ceramic workshop and a speech therapy room. Twenty classrooms are equipped with a multimedia projector and an electric screen, whereas seventeeen classsrooms benefit from interactive whiteboards. Forty-eight teachers make use of school laptops in the teaching process. Every day, about 80 lunches for students are prepared in the school kitchen.

The area of Białe Błota which belongs to Łochowo's school administrative area is currently the place of very strong urbanization processes. It is expected that the result of that process will be the increase of the number of children and young people attending the school in Łochowo. The school is supposed to create a good image for people who move in to Łochowo and represent the whole area.

The school provides extra curricular activities: speech therapy, educational therapy in a group of dyslectics and at risk of dyslexia, compensatory activities, corrective gimnastics. There is a great number of special interest groups. The school is proud of its chess club whose members won the title of Chempion of Bydgoszcz County. The first Marian Rejewski Interschool Chess Tournament was held in February 2011 under the honarary patronage of Janina Sylwestrzak - the daughter of the vanquisher of Enigma.   

Children from 1-3 grades of primary school can attend the dance class with the elements of the national folklore related to the year's. Moreover, the third grade students can take part in ceramics classes that are lead by qualified instructors. The school features a school rock band called PLAGIAT as well as the Scouts team ,with its own Scout Quarters, under the name of Antoni Grygiel. Among the external advantages of the school, one can mention  its good location, interesting natural environment of nearby forests, Górnonotecki Canal, a hydraulic engineering section with a watergate complex, and the proximity of Bydgoszcz Canal.

What is more, there is an open- air museum in Łochowice that belongs to the family of Jacek Grzywacz, and a didactic forest path created and maintained by teachers and students.  Village Cultural Centre for several years has been home to the folklore band  Łochowianie , whose members are aslo our students.  Students' Sports Club organizes regular sports activities for all students, whose members have reported an abundance of success. Teachers who work in our school are creative and have developed a number of pedagogical innovations. Three pedagogical innovations will be realized in the school year 2011/2012:

1. The innovative volleyball program meant for primary school students developed by mgr Andrzej Izdebski.
2. The innovative volleyball program meant for junior high school students developed by mgr Andrzej Izdebski.

The figure of the school patron John Paul II, the undisputed authority and a Great Pole, allows to take broad and diversed educational directions when it comes to working with children and young people.